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"...The main purpose of our research is to understand the Nature, by examining and experiencing its dimensions in different states of consciousness, and consequently to present new models of perception to develop the understanding of certain individuals who are capable to apply them without disintegrating their personalities... Since the acquired information provides a potential to manipulate the laws of the Nature, and to produce a change in the course of the events, we do not publicize the results of our researches, but occasionally issue brief articles in terms of related scientific branches... Our information does not originate from spirits, extraterrestrial beings, or angels, and we do not follow any gurus or sheikhs, but we examine them when they exist..." (from the opening speech by Haluk Akcam, 1st annual meeting of TETRAKTYS research group, in 1992)

Our researches in the field of Astrology also follow the same principles. We believe that information is accessible only for those who deserve it, and the merit is appraised by examining the enfoldment process of subject individual. In this sense, we discriminate people, and do it according to their spiritual and intellectual capacities. Therefore, our research results are not open to the public. Those who wish to gain access to the information we supplied, must show a talent instead of a credit card.

Our brief articles about research results are for the interest of devoted scientists, who are working for the benefit of mankind. The articles presented here do not convey a direct message about the aim of related research topic. The purpose of this instructive method is to catch the attention of the scientist, and to imply the possibility of an other but more progressive point of view, by exposing the leading way in scientific terms. The operative value of this method was proven satisfactorily, when Haluk Akcam first issued an article about the low electromagnetic field parameters of an in vivo examined DNA structure, in November 1992. A similar suggestive method is applied here with the articles on Astrology.


First of all, we should know what we are dealing with. For the beginner, it is a matter of correlation between the configurations of the bodies of the Solar System and the human affairs. It is advisable to begin with the Sun, Moon, and eight planets, as they are observed from the Earth. The geocentric reference frame is essential just because we deal with the affairs taking place on Earth, and not somewhere else. On the next step, if we include the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter, Titan of Saturn, and Triton of Neptune to our list, the results become much revealing. On the third step, it will be wise if we consider the positions of some objects, which appear beyond the Solar System, such as stars. Selecting those, which are placed on the top of a list created by considering two parameters such as apparent magnitude and ecliptic latitude, will make our job much more easier. Also, it is good to stay away from any fanciful material, which has no astronomical basis, such as hypothetical bodies or some fabricated obscurities, particularly by Hindus.

The clue to promising success is in the spherical evaluation of these objects all together. If you want to hear the magnificence of the 9th symphony, you cannot reach to it by selecting only the accompaniment of one soprano and two instruments from the orchestra. Therefore, always all together. Again, you cannot get the desired appropriate vibration but a scrape, if you stick all members of the orchestra into a dining room. Therefore, you must consider the space.

The next clue for more success is to include the time, i.e. the motion, in a proper way. But, in the beginning, we must limit our boundaries with the linear definition of time, if we do not want to get lost.


Since it is based on correlations, you may choose any set of subjects or events for searching, provided that you are capable to understand the nature of it. Therefore, besides a good management of Astrology, it requires knowledge in that particular branch, where the mechanism of selected set is defined. For instance, you may not talk about amenorrhea if you are not a gynecologist, and subsequently, you cannot determine the parameters in this research project, because the symptoms will become totally a mystery for you. Again, if you are too naive to understand the backstage of world affairs, your education of economics or political sciences does not mean something.

We have chosen certain fields for our researches, where we can speak with full authority. For example, although our team is fully capable in medicine, we have confined our researches to mental disorders. Thus, we hope to see the other researchers to show the same refinement. Beyond the scope of Astrology, our viewpoint to understand mental disorders differs from the orthodox concepts, and interested visitors may find more information about it here.

World affairs are placed in the second field of our research projects. In a broader sense, we understand more than the affairs between the nations only, when we speak about world affairs. Landmarks of the history of the humankind are the subjects here in our project, in respect to great cycles, as well as the minor changes limited to a short time span, such as the recent "new world order" propagation. For instance, examining the cycles of the solar occultation of Regulus, denotes millenniums. But, the Third Reich adventure is just a fragment of the contemporary history.

Catastrophes, in the sense of cataclysms, as a sudden violent change in the earth's surface, resulting in great loss and misfortune, are the third category in our researches. In regard to earthquakes, we are doing extensive research since 1992. After the August 1999 earthquake in western Turkey, we came to the conclusion that sending reports to the governments of undeveloped countries is not a solution, and decided to publicize the summary of such research results here.


Applied mathematics, with statistics on the top of the list, is the essential tool here. Computer programming languages are the second within the essentials. Good theories to define the celestial mechanics are coming as the third, in this sequence. You cannot describe properly what you want to do, if you are not familiar with mathematics. Again, you cannot construct the way in your research if you do not have a multipurpose calculator. Finally, if the parameters you are using are not precise, your research becomes nothing but a waste of time. We believe that we are equipped with the best tools available today.

In regard to the tools within Astrology, such as "houses" of traditionalists, understanding the celestial mechanics is also very important. Apart from its absurdness, the theories on which the "houses" are based, lack mostly a good definition in terms of celestial mechanics. You may have a Pluto, for example, in fact about to set at that moment, but shown in the sixth house of that flat chart. Or an exact culminating body may appear in the ninth. Again, most astrologers use the term "orb" without giving a clear definition of it. Therefore, it is necessary to be equipped with reliable tools, and we did so.


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