TETRAKTYS offers three types of membership: 1- those who wish to receive continuous counselling may login anytime to review special reports issued periodically only for their own use, which are kept in privacy. 2- those who may be interested in research results gain access to restricted reports issued occasionally by our research team. 3- those who wish to advance their technique or be informed about new developments in applied Astrology may login anytime to scrutinize our improved methods for the professionals, and obtain free use of our computer programs written for special types of analyses. Research projects of our centre are supported only through counselling and membership services. Therefore, to keep this centre in progress, your contributions are essential.

For getting in contact, please click here.

For troubleshooting in matters related to membership, please e-mail your queries and suggestions to this address.

Personal Membership

As a substitute for the counselling programs, Personal Membership is offering a via Internet service, where you can view the personal reports, prepared only for your own interest. After logging in, you will be directed to an exclusive page, which is not accessible by anyone else. On this page, you will find regularly updated advisory reports and explanatory messages concerning your daily life, private life, business affairs, health, goals, problems, future prospects, etc.. A compact counsellor on the subjects, which can be arranged after your request.

Personal membership can be applied to couples or families, as well as single individuals.



BUSINESS $ 100 $ 160 $ 260 $ 420
PRIVATE $ 60  $ 100 $ 160 $ 260


$ 100 $ 160 $ 260

$ 420


EACH  PARENT $ 60 $ 100 $ 160 $ 260
EACH CHILD $ 40 $ 60 $ 100 $ 160
  • When the birth time is accurate, and the background history is correct, we guarantee 80 - 95 % success in achieving the desired goal, during membership.

  • Conveyed data, and the results of the analyses are strictly confidential, kept under encoded computer files, and are not shared with third persons under any circumstances.

  • English or German languages are available.

  • Fees are charged in advance, free from any deduction.

  • For each person, and admission fee of $ 20 is charged. It is for erecting charts and preparing the database. Admission fee is not applied for renewed memberships.

  • Since accuracy is essential for getting reliable results, we do not work with unknown birth times. Inaccurate birth times - with an uncertainty of five minutes or more - require rectification before applying any program, which costs additional $ 20.

  • For each individual, a membership form is to be filled out. Membership validation, user name and password will be sent to the e-mail address, as it is stated in the membership form, after remittance.

  • Due to security reasons, we do not accept credit cards. Payments should be made directly to this bank account:


We will be developing better assistive techniques for you, as long as your contributions support this centre.

Scientific Membership

Apart from counselling programs, TETRAKTYS offers membership for scientific purposes. Interested scientists, astrologers, or those who are studying prediction techniques may access to classified reports of our research projects. These reports are issued occasionally, about ten or twelve in number each year. A brief explanation of the types of reports is given in the introductory page. We engage new methods and genuine techniques in our research projects by the aid of applied mathematics and computer sciences. Engaged applications are also documented in the classified reports.

As a sample, you may find research projects here and predictions here, as summarized reports for the public, without details.

Scientific Membership fee is $ 1000 for individuals, and $ 1600 for institutions, per year.

Please remember, we need your contributions to engage more sophisticated analyzing methods.

Resource Membership

TETRAKTYS is mainly designed for research, and contributes to the progress and development of scientific astrology. With this membership, we provide assistance and resource for students of astrology who need support in their work.

We provide a variety of tools ranging from basic data and charts to sophisticated computer programs and rare to find resources. In our archives, we possess a huge electronic database; articles from scientific journals (A&A, AJ, CeMDA, MNRAS, PASP, Icarus, Nature, Science, etc.) in PDF and PS format, e-books (Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry, Astrophysics, etc.), star and deep sky catalogs (a full and updated copy of CDS catalog archives!), and extensive mathematical support libraries for programmers in Basic PDS, C++, PASCAL, and FORTRAN.

As an exception, original parts of the source codes of our products, and some statistical data for astrological research compiled exclusively by our research centre, cannot be shared with our members.

Our products are developed by Haluk Akcam for TETRAKTYS, and claim utmost precision. Compiled data are based on most reliable recent sources issued by the BDL, JPL, NASA, MPC, ADC, and CDS archives. Orbital computations are based on recent models, such as VSOP87, PRC94, PLUTO95, SMART97, ELP2000, E5, TASS17, GUST86, etc, and compared with the appropriate JPL ephemerides. Reference frames are updated according to IAU2000 resolutions. Programs are mainly written in C++ language, operative on DOS, Windows, and Linux platforms, with special ASM routines and algorithmic codes not available elsewhere. Since the policy of TETRAKTYS is to support researches, our products are not designed for commercial purposes.

As a sample, you may find here some simple and basic tools, issued for the public.

Resource Membership fee is $ 1000 for individuals, and $ 1600 for institutions, per year.

  • Membership does not grant the copyright of any provided material. Excerpts, citations, or references should contain full acknowledgements. Distribution or publicizing of any material is not permitted. Commercial use of any product is prohibited.

  • Computer programs are not freeware, but may be used only by the members, for scientific purposes.

  • For Scientific or Resource Membership, no application form is required. Membership validation, user name and password will be sent to the e-mail address, which should be given by the applicant to membership department, after remittance.

  • Due to security reasons, we do not accept credit cards. Payments should be made directly to this bank account:


Due to research projects, we suspend new registrations for a definite period          You will be notified immediately when we begin to accept new members          We apologize for this inconvenience


Important Note

TETRAKTYS does not have any affiliates or associates, and did not authorized any agencies or representatives.

We are not responsible for the activities of any individual, firm, or institution that claims such entitlements.

In such cases, please report to tet5(at)tenspheres(dot)com, or ask for confirmation.

Copyright 2004-2008 Haluk Akcam. All rights reserved.

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