TETRAKTYS is a non-profit-making centre, concentrated on astrological researches, and the aim of the centre can be resumed as follows:

Astrology and related prognostication methods based on heavenly bodies do not have a common language with science. But, if the main principle lying beneath such methods is concrete enough to give information about the future, this fact cannot be ignored, since we do not have any reliable systematic information provider about the future, which is invaluable for the mankind. Therefore, astrology must have a mutual language with science, in order to interact and produce progress for the benefit of the whole humanity.

Beside prognostication, astrology claims information about medical conditions of individuals, such as personality patterns or liabilities to certain diseases. This is also another important subject in our era, in which we fund institutions for the same purpose. Here again, if such claims have a valid basis, we cannot simply ignore them. But, without any sufficient cooperation between scientists and astrologers, no progress can be achieved in this particular branch. Because, both parties are looking at each other from a distance.

Our centre is searching for possibilities to fill this gap, and for an operative linkage, which may enable the scientist to understand astrology beyond prejudice. As members of the world of science, we believe that we know astrology and related techniques, as well as the methods of science, and we have achieved some remarkable progress on this issue during last ten years. Now, we wish to share our knowledge with the world, believing that it may have an impact on the development of a new scientific look.

Social and financial support of our centre is maintained by personal efforts of four dedicated scientists: Haluk Akcam is the leading astrologer and physicist, Alfred Schinkel is the medical advisor, Aaron Silberman is the economist, and the fourth member who does not wish to be known is the sociologist. All executive members are professional astrologers and friends for years, with good educational background in their academic careers.

Why do we need contribution of others?

First of all, as a common rule among human beings, we all need each other's support. But, some believe that it must be by abusing the other part, which is totally wrong in our eyes. We need support of others who do not wish to change the inherent purpose and function of our centre, which is described above. When the scientific researches are forced to be mingled with commercial enterprises, the results are always debasing the quality of work. Therefore, TETRAKTYS does not want to be sponsored by any trade firms. Again, there are some institutions to support our centre. But, unfortunately their policy is of condescending nature, liable to dictate what to do rather than leaving the work to the professionals. We do not believe that the research projects may be led better under the yoke of imposing supporters.

Yet, our centre needs to be supported. Until this moment, it was maintained by the leading members, but the need is growing beyond their capability. The main reason for asking the contribution of others is a very old one, namely a fiscal one. Computer technology is our main tool, which is very expensive and parts are mostly without any guarantee. Again, purchase and delivery of related books, periodicals, and reports are becoming a heavy burden. To cover these heaping expenses, we have engaged counselling services through the cyberspace, but now the telephone bills are sweeping out the income, because of the high prices. Therefore, we need donations, which does not need to be just pecuniary.

How would be the contributions?

We are in need of new technology computer hardware for processing huge databases, which cannot be handled by utilizing the present network of five medium capacity PCs, three desktop printers, and one portable scanner, all that the centre has for now. Also, we need donations from scientific book and periodical publishers, subscription renewals, etc.. Although we maintain a library of more than 12,000 books and piles of periodicals, we need to gather new information to synchronize our work with the progress of modern world.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the centre is welcome. But, if you decide to send - for instance - an advanced CPU by post, please keep in mind that the heavy taxation may be a burden for us.

Contributions can be made also financially. You will find a bank account number at the bottom of this page for this purpose. Due to security reasons, we cannot accept credit cards through our web site, for your own good. The overlapping part of the card number entry process may end up with unexpected results. In other words, some people may drain up your account, since there is no effective security measures or penalties for such crimes.

 We  thank  you  for  your  concern

All remittances should be made to:


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