Contrary to the public opinion, Astrology is not a superstitious belief, based on the so-called influence of the stars. First of all, it is rarely the stars but the bodies of the Solar System, which constitute the elementary basis of Astrology. The movements of these particular bodies, such as the Sun, Moon, and the planets, are observed in reference to an earth-centered coordinate system. Then, these observations are classified under certain configurations, in regard to the birth-times of certain individuals, whose lives and personalities are known in detail. Finally, the statistical data that will be a reference for further applications, are cross-examined to verify the efficiency of reciprocity between certain occurrences, conditions, and related configurations.

The celestial configurations found at the birth moment of a certain person, are then interpreted after these data. But, the process is not that simple as it is described here, and the human factor in regard to free will is a very effective variable, which cannot be considered in statistical compilation. To eliminate this gap, we have developed complex models of analogical analysis, and convinced that a scrutinized background story of the subject individual is essential, in selecting the operative model for that person.

Although the methods applied here are scientific, in academic sense, Astrology is not a branch of science, yet. In our era, it is merely an area of scientific research, where astronomy is tried to couple with psychology, or vice versa. But the astrologer, who is engaged in this coupling, must be very well versed in both of these branches, in order to prevent any harm while counselling a client. Therefore, Astrology may provide an invaluable aid to the individual who wants to understand itself, and to shape its future - to some extend - unless the astrologer is a charlatan.

On the other hand, due to its scientific aspect, Astrology may also be abused easily, especially by the fortune-tellers who try to pretend to be scientist, in order to gain acceptance in a lumpen society. In contemporary Astrology, for example, there is no place for such an absurd classification of temperaments into twelve zodiacal signs! But in a lumpen society, it fits to the nature of individuals who wish to debase any concept according to their primitive understanding. And, it is the experience of the author that even some of the educated, cultured, or privileged - yet lumpen - people do wish to esteem quacks, just because they are skilled in telling sweet lies.

What is Destiny?

By most of the human beings, it is assumed that the future or the course of forthcoming events is predetermined and inevitable, despite their free will. Major religious disciplines also impose the concept of the Godhead as an ultimate power or agency, operant on this predetermination.

In fact, destiny is the total product of an open system, where the related intelligent entities are operant. It is produced by the elements of that system, and shaped in accordance with their deeds. Namely, we create our destiny. But, since the individual cannot be isolated from its environment, we create our destiny all together. Besides you, each intelligent entity, who is directly or indirectly connected with you, produces an effect on your share of this destiny, according to its capacity.

On the other hand, shaping a destiny is depended on certain laws, like everything else. They are learned by experience. It is the knowledge and the understanding of an individual, which enable it to get into the core of these laws. But, some people are in lack of understanding or ignorant of these laws, and their destinies are prescribed inevitably by others. Because of their incapability of organizing themselves, they are destined to live under intimidation, and in a submissive manner.

Astrology cannot help to this category of individuals. Because, through Astrology, the consulter receives an information about the possibilities of changing itself and subsequently its environment. And then, employs its plan to achieve something. This process requires self-discipline, determination, organization talent, and intelligence.

Information processing is one of the most powerful tools of efficiency in shaping destiny. But, getting information about future consequences is less available. In this field, Astrology presents a different aspect to the theory of forecasting. The principle here is to establish the analogical relation between the Solar System and the human affairs, which are assumed independent of each other, but related on a synchronous basis.

In regard to destiny, it was the primitive concept of the Dark Ages that maintained the absurd idea of the influence of the stars upon mankind. The fear of gods, who are believed to be makers of destiny, led the ancients to observe their dwelling, which of course, could not be anywhere but in the sky. But the fear is gone now with the gods, leaving an invaluable data upon which the modern Astrology is founded.

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