He was born in Istanbul. Educated in Robert College there, Physics in Kiel-Germany, and Astrology in London-UK. He is doing intensive research on Astrology since 1972, and a consultant astrologer since 1988. After establishing the principles of Spherical Astrology, he has found a reliable link between Medical Psychology and Modern Astrology, which enabled him to understand the relevance of the movement of celestial bodies to human behaviour. During his adolescence - due to his Prussian maternal, and Ottoman paternal background - he is confronted with different cultures, and has subsequently developed an inquiring mind to search for the origin of human behaviour, which led him to study Physiology, Psychology, Anthropology, Comparative Theology & Mythology, privately.

While he was abroad, he has joined to some spiritualist-, occult-, psychic research-, alternative therapy groups, learned Laya Yoga and practiced Tantra, met remarkable individuals, etc. Meanwhile, he was studying Qabbalah, and comparing it with Sufism, through examining original sources. After understanding the Ancient Egyptian Occult Philosophy, he was initiated into Hermetism, and then, he has begun to practice and to learn by experience, instead of by literature.

After founding TETRAKTYS, since 1992, he has focused his researches on the decipherment of the human mind, in regard to its physical and non-physical constitutions, yet in a collaborating system, maintaining the dormant link of its antediluvian prototype. He is not a devotee or adherent of a sect, and does not claim any mystical or magical powers.


Below is the knighthood coat of arms of his maternal kinsfolk Schinkel family since 1284 AD



Consultant astrologer Haluk Akcam has recently publicized a personal web site in Turkish:


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