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is the art and science of deciphering the message of heavenly bodies in regard to human nature, as the ancient philosophy reveals. Today - beyond its ridiculous debasement such as sun-sign readings - it is compiling huge statistical data in order to find out more correlations between two major separate sets of events, such as the human affairs and the configuration of heavenly bodies, related to certain time patterns. Accordingly, it is becoming possible to make future projections, and to understand the human nature, as well. In modern Astrology, ambiguous concepts such as "the influence of the stars" or "sun-sign types" are totally abandoned, and scientific analytical models are developed. Therefore, this site is not the appropriate place for those who are seeking such "readings". [return to top]


in the field of Astrology, is the assistance of an expert providing more reliable information about the present query of the consulter, and true guidance in solving it. If the counsellor is well equipped with the tools of Astrology, and fully competent in understanding the problem of the client, the result of counselling process may be of great help for the consulter. Ranging from personal problems to stock market movements - in a wide variety - TETRAKTYS is providing consultations by eminent astrologers in collaboration with scientific experts. Our counselling programs are presented clearly so that our clients know exactly what they will get in the end. Consultations are done by e-mail or preferably by personal contact. All information is kept strictly confidential. [return to top]


in Astrology is the essential part for the improvement of astrological techniques, and for presenting more accurate results in regard to queries. Besides, Astrology is not a science in academic terms, and therefore requires more scientific research to verify its validity. Also, a priori concepts need to be clarified through statistical analyses, to make the subject more understandable by the scientists. Research is the main purpose of TETRAKTYS, to establish a clear-cut defined new branch of science, by developing sophisticated methods with the aid of computer technology. Our researches are focused mainly on three separate topics: 1- Mental disorders, 2- World affairs, 3- Catastrophes. We do not share our heuristic methods with the third parties, but research reports are issued here occasionally. [return to top]


in Astrology is also a primary need for the progress in this new field to place Astrology among other scientific disciplines, and to prevent the distribution and propagation of superficial or irrational claims, as well as the abuse of this challenging branch. Many of the so-called astrologers today are totally ignorant even of the very basics of Astrology, and accordingly the population of stubborn academics is expanding just because of their smatterings. TETRAKTYS is not a school of Astrology, and does not grant diplomas. Our aim is to teach the fundamentals of Astrology so that aspirant astrologers may build their house on solid rock, and curious academicians may have a reliable source to discriminate what is not relevant in their assertions. [return to top]


Haluk Akcam  


Chief Consultant:

Haluk Akcam - ScD


[medicine] Alfred Schinkel - MD

[economics] Aaron Silberman - PhD

[anthropology] Laila Andarsson - PhD

[astrometry] Jarkynai Rakhmanova - MSc [return to top]


TETRAKTYS offers three types of membership: 1- those who wish to receive continuous counselling may login anytime to review special reports issued periodically only for their own use, which are kept in privacy. 2- those who may be interested in research results gain access to restricted reports issued occasionally by our research team. 3- those who wish to advance their technique or be informed about new developments in applied Astrology may login anytime to scrutinize our improved methods for the professionals, and obtain free use of our computer programs written for special types of analyses. Pages for "members only" are not accessible by other visitors, and persistent intruders receive a warning message before their machine is shut down automatically. [return to top]


Apart from research reports, within the discipline of TETRAKTYS, competent individuals are free to publicize their own opinions in the article section, accessible for all visitors. We do not hold any responsibility for the context of the articles, but cite our supplementary viewpoint, in case. Essays should be within the frame of Astrology, excluding verboseness and vulgarity. Bias assumptions and propagations will be rejected. English is the main language of this site, but articles in French or German are also evaluated. Articles and the supplementary files may be in any file format, unless the total does not exceed 1 MB. Without changing the context, we have the right to convert file formats, resize pictures, and substitute fonts, if the article is not received in a valid compact web page format. [return to top]


are the most interesting subjects for the public, and usually regarded as a fun! Yet, TETRAKTYS is not entitled to be a place for entertainment, and does not issue any predictions of that kind, accordingly. Our method in predictions is to discuss the matter with all variances, and create a list of possibilities subject to be revised due to forthcoming alterations. We believe that our style of presenting predictions may not be interesting for the public, and also the subjects are never chosen among the celebrities. Therefore, our predictions are accessible only for the members. As an end product of our researches, we issue prediction reports concerning contemporary world affairs, natural as well as social phenomena, possible cataclysms, etc. [return to top]


are essential equipments for the student of Astrology. We provide a variety of tools ranging from basic data and charts to sophisticated computer programs and rare to find resources. Our products are developed by TETRAKTYS and claim utmost precision. Compiled data are based on most reliable recent sources issued by the BDL, JPL, NASA, MPC, ADC, and CDS archives. Orbital computations are based on most recent theories issued by the reliable authorities. Programs are mainly written in C++ language, operative on DOS, Windows, and Linux platforms, with special ASM routines and algorithmic codes not available elsewhere. Since the policy of TETRAKTYS is to support researches, our products are not designed for commercial purposes. [return to top]


are daily suggestions for the visitors in general, issued by our team members, occasionally. Here you may find some brief, yet useful and practical clues to manage your life with efficiency, by the aid of Astrology, from expert hands. Some of them are according to birthdays of individuals, and some for everyone, in daily life, concerning the very future. Our hints are not to be taken for granted to the letter, but reserved as a reminder for that period of time. The page is updated monthly, and free for all visitors. [return to top]


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